Bioconjugation & Antibody-Drug Conjugates

TCRS has ample experience in providing antibody-drug conjugate related services to its clients. Currently, TCRS is engaged in supporting several biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the development of their ADC programs. TCRS has a variety of highly potent warheads/payloads in stock for advancing its clients' ADC projects. A selection of cleavable and non-cleavable linkers and spacer molecules is also available.

TCRS has more than 20 different payloads in its toolbox for preparing ADCs or PDCs which include:

  • Dolastatin-10 and Auristatin analogs
  • Duocarmycin analogs
  • Maytansine analogs
  • PBD dimer analogs
  • additional payloads

Other Bioconjugation Services include:

  • Design and synthesis of potent cytotoxic compounds and payloads with linkers
  • Customized design and synthesis of linkers
  • Preparation and purification of bioconjugates from milligram- to gram-scale
  • Modification of carbohydrates, polysaccharides, and glycoconjugates
  • Preparation of fluorescent probes

TCRS conducts all work with highly toxic/cytotoxic compounds and payloads in its specially designed containment laboratory which is accessible only to authorized and trained TCRS chemists. This laboratory has an independent air-handling (HVAC) system and is equipped with certified chemical fume hoods, HEPA-filtered ventilation and enclosed, HEPA-ventilated weighing stations. Compounds of high toxicity are handled in a glove box with a closed-loop containment (CLC) system that operates under negative pressure.

Glove box with closed-loop containment system Process workdtation with top mount HEPA filtration Working on Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Express Conjugation Services

TCRS offers an "Express Conjugation Service" where clients may choose from a toolbox of numerous payload-linker combinations for the expeditious production of conjugates.

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